Moon Face…We All Get It Once In A While

All of my chronic illness warriors out there who have had to use steroids have probably had the experience of “Moon Face” and those of you lucky enough not to have experienced it have still probably heard of it. Moon Face is spoonie slang for swelling of the face and/or body; typically this is due to meds (more specifically steroids). As I was sending my partner his good morning “make an ugly face” Snapchat when I noticed my face looked like a blimp, I turned off the filters to be sure it was really what my face looked like and it was there, the dreaded Moon Face. I used to be ashamed of my appearance whenever I got Moon Face because I thought it made me look ugly and I would get the ever running swarm of elderly ladies at the supermarket saying they “could just pinch my chubby cheeks” (if you’re not my grandma don’t dare try). But as I have grown older and my relationships with my core circle of people has solidified a little more I don’t worry as much about my Moon Face, because my people know that Moon Face means I haven’t given up, that I’m still getting treatment, and that I have a chance to be healthier than yesterday. My Moon Face is part of my journey to health, and it’s only temporary. So to all of my fellow CI warriors, rock that Moon Face. You are perfect the way you are, and I know that’s the ultimate cliché, but in real life being strong enough to roll with these punches makes you pretty damn perfect. So battle on, Moon Face, spoons, and all.


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