One Bad Treatment Won’t Scare Me Away

So as I have previously mentioned, I get Botox injections in my head, neck and shoulders in order to treat my migraines. Now my neurologist is amazing she’s one of the best in my state and normally she has the aim with a needle that DaVinci had with a paintbrush. Unfortunately this week I got to ride the pain roller coaster for something I hadn’t even considered to be of consequence for me. Dr. H accidentally hit a nerve on Monday as she administered my twenty something shots and as I was already in major pain when I arrived (ocular migraines have wonderful timing) I didn’t notice this new pain growing. I spent a week in and out medical offices for help (I’ll delve into this later) as my entire right side of my body was inflamed. Wednesday and Thursday I couldn’t even move due to the pain. My neighbor Sam was so kind that he offered to help me to the bathroom, bring me food, take care of my service dog for me, and even drive me an hour and a half to the emergency room; he did all of those things other than the bathroom part, for that I was willing to wiggle worm crawl the 3 feet to my toilet for the sake of my own modesty. It wasn’t until Saturday that the cause of my pain was discovered and I began anti inflammatory treatment with Midrol, Rx strength Ibuprofen, and Toradol (alongside some powerful muscle relaxers). I woke up this morning at a 1.5 on the pain scale compared to the 9 I was at on Saturday morning; and we spoonies know that our pain scales are typically skewed so it took a lot of pain to have me reach a 9.

All of this to say I had a bad Botox treatment and it terrified me. But after all of these ramblings about what I just went through, I have no intention of stopping my Botox treatments. My mother and father are nervous about my continuing treatment, however when you’re getting approximately 27 shots it is highly probably that something could go wrong. I mean why else would you have to sign a consent form before every treatment. I also don’t blame my doctor, I was particularly twitchy during our session which may have also led to the mistake. My Botox treatments from Dr. H are clinically upheld (I refuse to use the word “prove” ever, nothing can ever truly proven only backed up), and they are one of the last treatment options I have left. Millions of U.S. Americans receive Botox everyday and I am sure plenty of them have the occasional side effect too; but should we risk our own chances at healthy lives because of one scary occurrence? In my opinion, no, all of my treatments and medications are my chance to become the charismatic and strong woman I want to be every day that ends in “y”; not just on days that my pain level is low enough to tolerate normal activities. I think because of my 21 years as a chronically ill young woman not only have I learned to tolerate and hide my pain, but I have become harder to scare away from research backed treatments that I am given a full understanding of how they work (my background in neuropsych helps with that part). So I had a bad stick, whatever, I’m not permanently injured nor am I severely maimed so I will simply remind Dr. H about this occurrence at my next appointment and continue my treatments.

**DISCLAIMER** All medical treatments have some level of risk to them. Always discuss your options and the risks with your doctor before trying any treatment or continuing treatment after a bad reaction such as the one described above. This story is my own narrative and may not necessarily fit your particular problem or be good advisory material for you. Always check with your doctor for help.


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