Oh, To What Doctors You’ll Go!

As a patient with multiple chronic illnesses I have quite a few doctors whom I regularly visit, especially my POTS specialist Dr. S. I see him at least once a month and check in weekly via the patient portal. I also have my general practitioner, who manages my pain levels and keeps an eye out for infections or any other side effects of my many conditions, him I see approximately once every two months unless I have an illness. Then there’s my neurologist, Dr. H, who manages my migraines with Botox injections every 12 weeks and has a special migraine center that I can go to if I have a migraine emergency where the pain lasts more than a week and doesn’t seem to slow down, that center could knock out the pain from a punch by Zeus in just a matter of hours. I also have my OBGYN, Dr. W, who manages my PCOS and my sexual health. And let’s not forget Dr. L, who manages my mental health. Now I live in a very rural area and it takes about an hour and some change to get me to any one of these providers from my apartment. But it’s truly amazing that this many doctors are available to me, granted that is due to my father providing me with great insurance, however I fear, as all of us Spoonies do that access to these care providers may become limited for us in the USA. I am scared that the literal life saving treatments from Dr. S might be forced to stop due to expense or my pain medication may be stopped because the insurance doesn’t want to cover it. These are questions we must ask ourselves, can we let this happen, is this fair, where are our human rights?


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